Range Rover Repair Dubai

A solid reputation for excellence and a team of trained & skilled Range Rover specialists, we take pride in being recognized as the premier Range Rover repair garage in Dubai. We are well-equipped to handle all types of Range Rover repairs and maintenance. Trust us with your Range Rover Service.

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Land Rover Repair Services

We provide all types of Range Rover repair services, such as Range Rover engine repair & rebuild, Range Rover suspension repair, Range Rover gearbox repair, Range Rover electrical system repair, Range Rover brake repair, and more.

Range Rover Engine Repair Dubai

Range Rover Engine Repair

We specialize in providing top-notch Range Rover engine repair and rebuild services. We are trained to fix a range of Range Rover engine issues.

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range rover air suspension repair

Range Rover Suspension Repair

Let us handle your Range Rover suspension problems with our complete Range Rover Suspension Repair and Range Rover Air Suspension Repair services in UAE.

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land rover gearbox specialist

Range Rover Transmission Repair

We can expertly do Range Rover transmission repair & diagnose issues leading to transmission slipping, gear shifting issues, strange noises, or fluid leaks.

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range rover rear brake pads replacement

Range Rover Brake Repair

During the Range Rover brake repair process, we also inspect the entire braking system, including the brake rotors, calipers, and brake lines, to identify any potential issues.

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land rover body repair

Range Rover Body Repair

When it comes to Range Rover Body Repair, we are the go-to Range Rover repair shop for all your needs. From accident repairs to small dent issues, we do everything at best.

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land rover ac recharge

Range Rover AC Repair

Can you imagine driving without AC in UAE's heat. We ensure that your Range Rover AC system is kept to best working condition.

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land rover inspection

Range Rover Inspection PPI

If you're buying a Range Rover, don't miss out on pre-purchase inspection. We have 10+ years experienced guys to make sure you are buying right car.

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range rover leather seat replacement

Range Rover Upholstery

Elevate the Range Rover interior of your Range Rover with our Range Rover upholstery service, to enhance comfort, style & overall aesthetics.

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A Dedicated Land Rover, Range Rover Garage

We have a dedicated Range Rover garage, where we offer a comprehensive range of Range Rover maintenance services specifically designed for Land Rover. With specialized tools, dedicated lifts, and highly trained mechanics, we provide a one-stop solution for all your Range Rover maintenance needs.

  • We have advanced diagnostic scanners & specialized diagnostic equipment for precise Range Rover repair.
  • Our dedicated lifts are specifically designed to accommodate Range Rover vehicles, providing a secure and convenient platform for inspections & repairs.
  • Speaking of our specialized mechanics, we take pride in having them at our Range Rover repair garage.

We Service Land Rover Models

  • Land Rover Defender repair
  • Land Rover Discovery repair
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport repair
  • Land Rover Freelander repair
  • Land Rover Range Rover repair
  • Land Rover Range Rover Sport repair
  • Land Rover Range Rover Velar repair
  • Land Rover Range Rover Evoque repair

Range Rover Repairs We Do

  • Range Rover head gasket repair
  • Range Rover instrument cluster repair
  • Land Rover ECU repair
  • Range Rover scratch repair
  • Range Rover seat repair
  • Range Rover bumper repair
  • Range Rover actuator repair
  • Land Rover key repair
Range Rover Specialist Mechanics


Range Rover Specialist Mechanics

We really like to be called Range Rover specialists in the market. We take pride in our skills, experience, and continuous training. With a team of motivated mechanics, we have established ourselves as market-leading pioneers in providing exceptional services for Range Rover. Our dedication to being Range Rover Specialists means that we have in-depth knowledge of the brand, its systems, and the latest technologies used by Land Rover. Trust us, Range Rover Repair Specialists to deliver top-notch service and ensure your vehicle receives the specialized care it deserves.

We are Land Rover Specialists

  • Range Rover restoration specialists
  • Range Rover engine specialists
  • Land Rover gearbox specialist
  • Land Rover tuning specialists
  • Land Rover discovery specialist
  • Range Rover sport specialist
  • Range Rover AC specialist
  • 4×4 Land Rover specialist
  • Local Land Rover mechanic
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Range Rover Service

Renowned for its luxury and superior engineering, Range Rover is a symbol of both comfort and endurance. Ensuring a regular Range Rover service is not just about maintaining its impressive performance but also about preserving its value for years to come.Range Rover maintenance: Imagine routine Range Rover maintenance as the regular health screening of your vehicle – you want to catch any potential issues early before they become serious. When we talk about Range Rover servicing, we’re discussing regular maintenance tasks. On the other hand, Range Rover Repairs tackle particular issues, while diagnostics is about using advanced tools to detect problems. The typical Range Rover service interval is 6000 km or once after 6 months, whichever arrives sooner. But it’s not a hard and fast rule. If you’re an aggressive driver or make lots of short trips, you might need to service more often. Tough environmental conditions can also lead to more frequent servicing.

Range Rover Service Checklist

For maintaining the optimal performance and longevity of your Range Rover, regular service is very important. A comprehensive Range Rover service checklist ensures that all essential components and systems are thoroughly inspected, maintained, and, if necessary, Range Rover repaired or replaced. This approach helps identify potential issues before they become major problems. From Range Rover engine to braking, electrical systems to tire condition, each aspect should be evaluated. With a well-executed service checklist, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your Range Rover is in the best possible hands.

5,000-KM Range Rover Service Checklist:

  • Engine oil and air filter inspection or replacement
  • Tire pressure, tread, and wear and tear check
  • Chassis lubrication
  • Car battery and cable inspection

10,000-KM Service Checklist for Range Rover:

  • Coolant levels check
  • Transmission fluid levels check
  • Steering and suspension inspection

15,000-KM Service Checklist for Range Rover:

  • Replace the crankcase oil filter and cabin air filter
  • Hood latch assembly and door check inspection
  • Parking brake and brake system check
  • Power steering system fluid levels check
  • Cooling system fluid levels check
  • On-board diagnostic system check
  • Underbody inspection
  • Windshield wiper blades, windshield washer fluid levels check
  • Wheels and tire inspection
  • Drive belts inspection
  • Exterior lighting check
  • Exhaust system inspection

20,000-KM Service Checklist for Range Rover:

  • Replace air filter
  • Clean the battery
  • Perform anti-corrosion treatment
  • Inspect windshield wiper and washer systems
  • Inspect lighting system
  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Inspect coolant
  • Inspect fuel system

Range Rover Repair Near me

When you’re stuck with an issue and need immediate assistance, a quick search for “Range Rover repair near me” is all it takes to discover the ultimate solution. At our workshop, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch repair and maintenance services for your beloved Range Rover. We understand the intricacies of these premium vehicles, making us the best destination for Range Rover repair near me.

Specialist Range Rover Workshop

Our Range Rover repair workshop stands out with its distinct features and dedicated service:

Impressive Workspace: Our Range Rover workshop is a sprawling space of 10,000 square feet, designed to accommodate multiple vehicles at a time without compromise.

Special Equipment: We have special lifts specifically designed for Range Rovers. These lifts ensure safe handling of your vehicle, no matter the size or model.

Customer-Friendly Systems: We have systems in place designed to facilitate the customer. From the moment you enter our Range Rover repair workshop, you’ll experience hassle-free service that’s efficient and reliable.

Experienced Service Advisors: Our Range Rover service advisors have years of experience under their belts. They are well-versed in the specifics of Range Rover vehicles and are always ready to help diagnose and rectify any issue your vehicle may have.

Range Rover Repair & Service Cost – 25% OFF

As for keeping your Range Rover maintenance costs low, our Land Rover prepaid maintenance plan can be utilized. This plan offers a 25% discount on services like replacing engine oil and filter, pollen filter, air cleaner element, brake fluid, and spark plugs if applicable, as well as checking and topping off fluid levels (brake, coolant, windshield, DEF). Additionally, it includes battery condition checks, brake pad inspections for wear and leaks, tire pressure and condition checks, and fluid leak inspections.

Regular adherence to your Range Rover’s maintenance schedule is the most efficient way to keep your Range Rover repair costs low while ensuring the longevity of your vehicle. Always take advantage of the available service specials at our Range Rover repair garage.

30,000-KM Service Checklist for Range Rover:

  • Repeat 5,000-KM, 10,000-KM, and 15,000-KM maintenance tasks
  • Brake line and hose inspection and brake system fluid change
  • Driveshaft inspection
  • Fuel line inspection
  • Seat belt restraint system inspection
  • Steering system and power steering hose inspection
  • Suspension inspection
  • Wiring harness inspection

40,000-KM Service Checklist for Range Rover:

  • Replace the transfer gearbox oil
  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Inspect brake system including brake calipers, drum, and pads
  • Replace differential fluid
  • Inspect horn operation

60,000-KM Service Checklist for Range Rover:

  • Full Range Rover inspection with our Land Rover technicians
  • Regular inspections every 15,000 KM
  • Maintenance tasks including oil changes, brake inspections, and tire replacements

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Range Rover Repair Dubai FAQ's

Range Rover repair services in Dubai typically include diagnostic tests, general Range Rover repairs, Range Rover parts replacement, Range Rover transmission and engine services, suspension checks, and electrical system maintenance. We are equipped to handle anything from regular Range Rover maintenance to major repairs.

While many auto repair shops may offer services, it is advisable to go to a Range Rover specialist or a garage with experience in handling luxury vehicles, especially Range Rovers. They will be well-versed in the car's complex systems and requirements.

The cost of repair largely depends on the type of repair needed. Regular maintenance services can be relatively affordable, while major repairs or parts replacement may cost more. However, maintaining your vehicle properly can save you money in the long run.

The repair duration can vary depending on the complexity and extent of the repair. Minor repairs can be completed in a day or two, while major repairs may take longer.

A standard Range Rover service includes oil and filter change, fluid checks and top-ups, brake check, tyre check and alignment, and general inspection of the vehicle's condition.

It's recommended by Land Rover company to service your Range Rover every 6 months or 5-8000 KM, whichever comes first. 

Regular Range Rover servicing ensures that your  car runs efficiently, safely, and reliably. It helps in identifying potential problems early, thus preventing costly repairs in the future.

Range Rover specialists have specific training and expertise in handling Range Rover vehicles. They are familiar with the intricate details of these vehicles and are best suited to maintain and repair them to the highest standards.

To verify if a Range Rover mechanic is a independant Range Rover specialist, consider their training certifications and experience. Look for certifications from the manufacturer or reputable automotive organizations that indicate specialized training in Range Rover vehicles. Additionally, inquire about their experience working specifically with Range Rovers. A mechanic with a proven track record of successfully servicing and repairing Range Rovers is more likely to possess the expertise needed to handle these vehicles effectively.

A Range Rover workshop offers a wide range of services from routine maintenance, mechanical repairs, body repairs, parts replacement, to specialised services like ECU remapping, software updates, and more.

A Range Rover garage specializes in the maintenance and repair of Range Rover vehicles. They have specific tools, parts, and expertise needed to handle the complexities of these high-end vehicles.

When choosing a Range Rover garage, consider their reputation, the expertise of their mechanics, their commitment to using original parts, and their ability to offer a wide range of services. Additionally, the garage should provide transparent and fair pricing.