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Journeying through the sand dunes of Dubai, nothing beats the unparalleled adventure offered by a reimagined Classic Range Rover or Land Rover. At the heart of this majestic transformation are our Range Rover classic specialists, equipped with the expertise and passion to bring your cherished SUV back to life. We redefine the concept of Range Rover repair, going beyond just fixing what’s broken, to breath new life into these timeless machines.

Whether it’s a meticulously carried out Range Rover classic rebuild or the resurrection of a treasured Land Rover, every project we undertake reflects our commitment to preserving their iconic legacy.  Regular Range Rover Classic restoration is not merely an option, but an absolute necessity to safeguard the intricate details that make your vehicle a marvel of modern engineering.

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Range Rover Classic Specialist

Range Rover Classic Repair Specialist

When it comes to Range Rover Classic repair, finding a Range Rover classic specialists who understands the intricacies of these exceptional vehicles is imperative. As experts in both Range Rover Classic restoration and Land Rover Classic restoration, we have honed our skills and deepened our knowledge to ensure these timeless machines are serviced to the highest standards.

The Range Rover mechanic at has devoted years to perfecting their craft, providing unparalleled expertise and meticulous attention to detail. We are dedicated to preserving the heritage of these vehicles, bringing them back to their original glory, and ensuring they run smoothly for many more years to come. We are dedicated to providing exceptional services at our Range Rover Garage, to keep you stress free.

10K Range Rover Classic Restoration Inclusions

  1. Range Rover Classic Comprehensive visual inspection
  2. Range Rover Classic Engine oil and filter change
  3. Range Rover Classic Tyre and pressure inspection
  4. Range Rover Classic interior and exterior cleaning
  5. Range Rover Classic Essential fluid top-ups
  6. Range Rover Classic Brake system inspection

20K Range Rover Classic Restoration Inclusions

  1. Range Rover Classic All 10K services
  2. Range Rover Classic Full engine diagnostics
  3. Brake pad replacement if necessary
  4. Range Rover Classic Battery health check
  5. Range Rover Classic Air conditioning system check
  6. Transmission fluid check and change if necessary

30K Range Rover Classic Restoration Inclusions

  1. Range Rover Classic All 20K services
  2. Range Rover Classic Complete engine tune-up
  3.  System check For Suspension and Steering 
  4. Range Rover Classic Exhaust system inspection
  5. Range Rover Classic Detailed interior cleaning
  6. Range Rover Classic Full body polish and wax

40K Range Rover Classic Restoration Incluions

  1. Range Rover Classic All 30K services
  2. Range Rover Classic Timing belt replacement
  3. Range Rover Classic Transmission  service
  4. Comprehensive electrical system check
  5. Range Rover Classic interior detailing
  6. Range Rover Classic Paintwork if necessary
  7. Cooling system flush and refill
  8. Complete chassis inspection and repair if necessary

Trust our Range Rover service center, your Range Rover Classic specialist, for these important Land Rover Classic restoration & Range Rover Classic restoration intervals to keep your vehicle in top condition.

Range Rover Classic Restoration In Dubai

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Land Rover| Range Rover restoration| Repair & Rebuild Services

Are you on the hunt for Range Rover Classic restoration and maintenance services in Dubai? Look no further, as we provide a full range of services, from regular Land Rover Range Rover Repair for Classic models to comprehensive rebuilds. Our dedicated team of Range Rover Classic specialists have the skills, knowledge, and passion to bring your beloved vehicle back to its original glory. A Range Rover Classic rebuild is more than just a repair; it is a meticulous restoration of your iconic vehicle’s former grandeur, A Range Rover Garage in Dubai is where we preserve the essence of your vehicle while ensuring it performs at its best. 

  • Range Rover Classic Interior Restoration:
    Is your Range Rover Classic’s interior showing signs of wear and tear? Our interior restoration service will breathe new life into your vehicle’s cabin. Whether it’s repairing or reupholstering seats, replacing worn-out carpets, restoring wood trim, or fixing any interior components, our skilled technicians will meticulously work to bring back the elegance and comfort of your Range Rover Classic.
  • Range Rover Classic 2 Door Restoration:
    Preserve the timeless beauty of your Range Rover Classic 2-door model with our comprehensive restoration service. From exterior bodywork to refinishing, we will ensure your vehicle looks as stunning as the day it rolled off the production line. Our attention to detail and dedication to authenticity make us the ideal choice for this unique restoration process.
  • Range Rover Classic Footwell Repair:
    Addressing footwell issues is crucial to maintain the structural integrity of your Range Rover Classic. Our experienced mechanics can repair rusted or damaged footwells, preventing further deterioration and ensuring your safety on and off the road.
  • Range Rover Classic ABS Pump Rebuild:
    Having ABS pump troubles? Our specialists can rebuild and repair your Range Rover Classic’s Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) pump to restore optimal braking performance. Safety is paramount, and we are committed to delivering reliable solutions.
  • Range Rover Classic Engine Rebuild:
    If your Range Rover Classic’s engine is showing signs of decreased performance or excessive wear, our skilled engineers can perform a comprehensive engine rebuild. From disassembly to reassembly, we use high-quality parts and precision workmanship to enhance the engine’s performance and extend its lifespan.
  • Range Rover Classic Bulkhead Repair:
    Rust or damage to the bulkhead can compromise the structural integrity of your Range Rover Classic. Our technicians are well-versed in bulkhead repair and replacement, ensuring your vehicle remains safe and resilient for years to come.
  • Range Rover Classic Seat ECU Repair:
    Are electrical issues affecting your Range Rover Classic’s seats? Our team can diagnose and repair faulty seat electronic control units (ECUs), restoring power-adjustment functionalities and ensuring your seating comfort.
  1. Range Rover Classic Body Shop: Restore the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle after an unfortunate incident at our Range Rover Classic Body Shop. We provide comprehensive auto body repairs at Range Rover Garage, be it a minor dent removal, a fresh coat of paint, or extensive body restoration. Trust us to uphold the highest quality standards while bringing your vehicle back to its original form.

Range Rover Classic Rebuild In Dubai

Experience the ultimate Range Rover Classic Rebuild in Dubai with our team of dedicated Range Rover classic specialists. Watch as we premiumly rebuild and revive the iconic vehicle, bringing back its original charm and elegance. From the engine to the exterior, every aspect of the Range Rover Classic rebuild is handled with precision and expertise, ensuring that it returns to its former glory. Trust us to breathe new life into your cherished Range Rover Classic, making it a timeless masterpiece on the roads once again. Contact Range Rover Repair Dubai for a comprehensive service!

Range Rover Classic Maintenance At Range Rover Repair Dubai

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your Range Rover Classic performing at its peak and to ensure its longevity. At Range Rover Service Center, we offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services, From routine Range Rover classic maintenance to comprehensive Components Replacements, we ensure top-tier care for your vehicle. We only use genuine Range Rover spares and repairs all the components with utmost care.

  1. Oil Change and Filter Replacement: We know that the engine is the heart of your Range Rover Classic, and proper lubrication is essential for its smooth operation. Our technicians will perform regular oil changes and replace the filters to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

  2. Brake Inspection and Repair: Your safety is our top priority, and that’s why we conduct thorough brake inspections to identify any potential issues. Our experts will replace worn-out brake pads, inspect the brake lines, and ensure that your Range Rover Classic stops with precision and reliability.

  3. Tire Rotation and Alignment: To maximize tire life and maintain balanced handling, we offer tire rotation and alignment services. Properly aligned wheels ensure a comfortable and stable driving experience on Dubai’s roads.

  4. Fluid Checks and Flushes: Our team will inspect and top up all essential fluids, such as coolant, transmission fluid, and brake fluid. Regular fluid flushes help prevent costly damage to vital components.

  5. Battery Testing and Replacement: A strong and reliable battery is crucial for starting your vehicle. We’ll test your battery’s health and replace it if necessary, ensuring you never face unexpected starting issues.

  6. Air Conditioning Service: Dubai’s scorching temperatures demand a well-functioning air conditioning system. Our technicians will inspect, clean, and recharge your AC system to keep you cool and comfortable during your drives.

  7. Electrical System Diagnostics: Modern vehicles rely heavily on intricate electrical systems. Our experts use advanced diagnostics tools to identify and resolve any electrical issues your Range Rover Classic may encounter.

  8. Engine and Transmission Maintenance: From regular tune-ups to transmission fluid changes, our team will keep your engine and transmission in optimal condition, ensuring a smooth and efficient power delivery.

  9. Suspension and Steering Checks: Maintaining a properly functioning suspension and steering system is essential for a comfortable and safe ride. We’ll inspect and repair any components that require attention.

  10. Diagnostic Scanning and Error Code Analysis: If your Range Rover Classic’s dashboard lights up with warning indicators, our diagnostic scanning tools will pinpoint the issue, enabling our technicians to address it effectively.

Range Rover Classic Repair

Range RoverClassic Service

Why Choose Us for Range Rover Classic Repair Needs?

Choosing us for your Range Rover Classic restoration needs means entrusting your vehicle to a team of dedicated professionals who truly care about your satisfaction and the well-being of your car. Whether it’s routine maintenance or extensive repairs, we are here to ensure that your Range Rover Classic receives the attention it deserves. Our Range Rover Classic specialists are delivering top-notch services, making us the best choice for your beloved vehicle.

Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Range Rover Classic Specialists: We are passionate enthusiasts and specialists in handling Range Rover Classic models. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge, our technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of these iconic vehicles. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, your Range Rover Classic is in safe hands with us.
  • Range Rover Roadside Assistance: We understand that breakdowns and emergencies can happen at any time. That’s why we offer reliable Range Rover roadside assistance services to give you peace of mind on the road. Our team of skilled technicians is just a phone call away, ready to assist you and get you back on track as quickly as possible.
  • Range Rover Customer Service: At our center, customer satisfaction is our top priority. From the moment you step in, you’ll experience a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our dedicated staff is here to listen to your concerns, provide professional advice, and ensure that all your queries are addressed promptly. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers based on trust and exceptional service.

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Range Rover Classic Restoration Cost

In Dubai, the cost of restoring a Range Rover Classic varies depending on the scope of work and the level of expertise required. Range Rover Classic specialists offer restoration services, ranging from cosmetic upgrades to full mechanical overhauls. On average, a comprehensive restoration can cost anywhere between AED 60,000 to AED 150,000 or more. It is essential to choose reputable Range Rover restoration experts who can deliver quality craftsmanship to ensure the classic vehicle is brought back to its former glory. Feel free to reach out to our Range Rover Classic restoration specialists in Dubai to discuss your restoration project. Give us a call or drop by our location.

FAQ's For Range Rover Restoration Service & Rebuild

 Restoration involves bringing the vehicle back to its original condition, focusing on preserving authenticity. Rebuild entails a more extensive overhaul, including engine and major component replacements. Repair addresses specific issues without necessarily addressing the entire vehicle.

he duration depends on the extent of restoration needed, but it can take several months to a year for a comprehensive restoration.

Yes, reputable Range Rover Classic specialist often offer customization choices, allowing you to personalize your Range Rover Classic according to your preferences.

Common components include the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, and electrical systems.

 Yes, specialists can integrate modern features such as infotainment systems, air conditioning, and improved lighting without compromising the classic appearance.

The specialists often provide warranty coverage for the restoration work to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.